What you are about to read may change your belief about health, the spiritual dimensions that exist in our wellbeing, our meaning and purpose on planet earth, and so much more. Be open to the possibilities of life, the synchronicities, and let health and healing occur for each one of us on this planet.
Dr Kavita Prasad.

Coming Full Circle: A journey to the edge of life and back is a wonderful journey of self discovery through adversity. I found her spiritual journey particularly inspiring and her description of these experiences empowering to my own spiritual beliefs. Her ability and methods through her work, gives hope and comfort to many seriously sick people.

It’s one of those books that when it ends you want it to keeping going, so I look forward to further books from Suzie continuing the incredible story that is her life.
Deborah Sampson-Wragg

This is a wonderful book about inner strength, mind over matter, and the ability to think of how to help others. The book illustrates well her spiritual experiences and gives a honed overview of a world many people reject. Suzie seems to explain that embracing these experiences in times of crisis can lead to peace and an understanding of yourself, something I concur with from my days as a healer.

Suzie has a special gift both in her abilities and her writing and this book gives guidance and comfort to people when all seems lost.

A worthwhile and fascinating read.
Mike Wragg

I feel privileged to be able to read this wonderful life story. You immediately become part of the book as you almost are a witness to this miraculous experience. Since the start of the first page I couldn’t stop reading until I finished it. I can’t wait to read the next one.
Fany Tsareva

It is amazing to read these out of body experiences, and how our lives are guided. It gives us purpose to our lives to share these experiences and that our work here is so much greater. Thanks for sharing your story.