Suzanne Ruggles was a celebrated designer before a diagnosis of Lupus changed her life’s direction. Her experience led her to study the science of mind-body medicine in the UK and US and led her to establish an award-winning hospital project at a London teaching hospital. Six years later, in a near-death experience caused by bacterial meningitis, she understood the importance of connecting with the “higher realm” to support the living or the dying process. It was during this period that the full scale of her patient-focused project – which was still in its infancy – came into sharp focus. She was guided to understand that being in harmony with the earth and nature plays an essential role in health, recovery and resilient strategies for children and adults. Suzanne lectures widely in schools, universities and at clinical conferences. She holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Health Sciences from St George’s Hospital Medical School, London. www.fullcirclefund.org.uk


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